lundi 16 octobre 2017

RealMyha KS

I would like to write to inform you about the launch of a new project "different" for me.
"Different" especially because it takes into account a new thing: money for the first time in one of my projects!

Before you leave, come and take a look, even if only out of curiosity:

It will, like RoonSehv:
• A Myst-Like in the universe of Simon Mesnard: The Black Cube (Science-Fiction).
• A remake made entirely in 3D Real-Time

• Enigmas updated and in the same vein of my previous creations (Oldschool Difficulty)
• New music produced by Olivier Maurey (The age of sons, RoonSehv)

Do not rely too much on the current images, the game is being created ... And you know that the result will be closer to what you have seen before in RoonSehv!

This creation is quite humble (7 € the basic game) and is especially for me to prove that my work deserves money: of course, read your comments and see you amazed, always make me great pleasure! But money is essential to help me improve my hardware, buy new software, and thus achieve even better things in the future!

I also reassure you: I do not give up RoonSehv: Experimentaliis, its production will resume as soon as possible, and it will always be free!

Thanks also to you for participating in this project!

Looking forward to reading and exchanging new ones, if you have any questions, or comments.

See you soon!